the fresh meat starts here

By: Lesley

Mar 19 2011

Category: Oakville


Focal Length:10.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

A line up is never ending in front of Just An Olde Fashioned Butchery and Seafood on Lakeshore Rd in Oakville for the barbequed homemade sausages. This shop is actually two in one, a butchers in one half and a seafood place in the other half. A perfect blend for dinner.

Participating in Walk in the Street

6 comments on “the fresh meat starts here”

  1. bien ce stand boucherie sur la rue, et puis elle doit etre bonne vu le monde qui fait la queue.

    Merci d’avoir participer au challenge “Walk In The Street Photography”

  2. worth driving out for. i have yet to find a butcher near my area.

  3. A line up on the street is always the best signal that what you’ll get is quality. Surf and turf, and why not?

  4. I wouldn’t resist queuing up! The smell of the barbecue is too good to pass up on šŸ™‚

  5. Certainly looks tempting!

  6. Certainly is sunday.

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