salmon on the credit

By: Lesley

Mar 13 2011

Category: bridges, Port Credit


Focal Length:11.9mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Over a frozen Credit River is the Lakeshore Credit River bridge – one for people and one farther off to the right for cars. The salmon were painted in 2008 by Walter Ruston and Elva Hook in part to combat graffiti. Another view of this bridge can be seen here.

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9 comments on “salmon on the credit”

  1. the salmon paintings are wonderful. i like this perspective.

  2. A wonderful bridge with salmon painted on it pilings and a railing that is blue….it is a super sight for the viewer. The paint has really held up well. It must be able to stand water on it quite well. The ice on the river gives your shot that perfect final touch. You captured the image beautifully.

  3. I love the salmon paintings. Such a great idea!

  4. I love the salmon paintings too!

  5. I remember your other shot – not sure who is brave enough to go out and tag that bridge. The fish are perfect for the spot!

  6. Not many salmon jumping this day! It must have been a challenge to paint and I’m glad they did- it’s cool!

  7. Today, a truck dropped bales of hay on our Auckland Harbor bridge. Traffic was at a standstill. I was late for work.

    The salmons need road signs to tell them where to go? I always wonder, once they go up, do they go back to the ocean again?

  8. Awesome photo. Love the paintings on the bridge. Even though I am sick of winter I even enjoyed what the ice added to the shot.

  9. […] section of the mural on the Lakeshore Rd bridge in Port Credit. Other views can be seen here and here. This public art was attempted to defer the graffiti that kept appearing under the bridge. Along […]

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