art or graffiti

By: Lesley

Mar 10 2011

Category: SIGNS, Toronto


Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

There is currently a crackdown on graffiti in Toronto, with certain neighbourhoods being targeted by police for removal of graffiti at the owners expense. There is naturally a concurrent debate going on as to whether some of this is truly graffiti – tagging – or  murals and art. This neighbourhood of Kensington Market is well known for its graffiti alley and many are proud of the colourful atmosphere. Though, as this view shows, some of it is just wanton defacement.

Participating in signs, signs

12 comments on “art or graffiti”

  1. graffiti can be good too. i’m sure every major city has a graffiti alley of their own.

  2. An interesting mean to measure time and life.
    Thank you for sharing. Please have a good Thursday.

    daily athens

  3. Colorful! I like the purple/pink one on the left.

  4. Lesley — the trouble is the graffitti artists don’t ever seem to know where to draw the line. Thanks for this and for doing the meme — it’s becoming one of my favorites (and more and more others as well!)

  5. I like the boldness and colour of graffiti, and some of it definitely edges into the category of art…but recklessly defacing private property in the name of fun is just vandalism. That said, graffiti makes for great photo ops, as your post clearly illustrates…:)

    Imagination Lane

  6. graffiti can be eye-catching, but when they’re all over the place, it’s just plain vandalism. local government units here gave graffiti artists a venue for their “art”–cemetery, school, and other public walls.:p

  7. The art or vandalism debate regarding graffiti just doesn’t have an pat answer, especially since quality and location are valid considerations. Considering the quality of (most) of the work in your photo and what you say about the location, I vote for art in this case. Of course, rules and laws cannot include such esoteric considerations. Regardless……. A great photo and thanks for sharing.

  8. Excellent photo. If it’s not invited, it’s graffiti. When the city gets involved everything is graffiti.

  9. I like looking at graffiti’s as long as it inspires me in any way. Great shot! And thanks for the visit!

  10. I think this is graffiti – colourful but I would be totally pissed off if someone did it to my garage! Especially the tags.

  11. I like the one on the right. Cool pic!

  12. Graffiti, always amazes me. This is so colorful. We do not find much of it in this small town. The perpetrator would have to answer to the whole town. But, lots of it comes in on the trains.

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