blue money bridge

By: Lesley

Feb 27 2011

Category: Hamilton


Focal Length:9.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

About two thirds the way up, is a small matching walkway joining the two towers of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Building in downtown Hamilton.

Participating in Sunday Bridges and Blue Monday

11 comments on “blue money bridge”

  1. I guess everyone on the other floors just have to take the elevators all the way down, then back up again!

  2. What a great photo of this “blue money bridge”!

  3. I wonder if I’d be brave enough to walk across that bridge.

  4. Wow, makes me giddy even though I’m not afraid of heights!

  5. Dramatic! I love this blue!

    Happy Blue Monday, Lesley.

  6. That walkway would be really hairy to cross. Yikes. Great photo.

  7. Wow! I would probably be terrified to be on that bridge but it looks so cool!

  8. You could add “Weekend Reflections” to the list of blogs this image would work for, and there is even a sign on that bridge. This is an interesting building and a great image.

  9. I think I have a fear of height I had goosebumps when I see the walkway ^_^
    Blue Monday

  10. What a cool looking bridge and the buildign is pretty. I love the refelections in the glass buildings. Beautiful shots.

  11. Love this photo! Happy Blue Monday to you!

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