swimming against the tide

By: Lesley

Feb 24 2011

Category: Fergus, SIGNS


Focal Length:6.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This 19th century swimming pool sits empty and abandonned since a new recreation complex was built in Fergus. A shame as it is a beautiful Victorian building with an outdoor pool and covered viewing stands.

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14 comments on “swimming against the tide”

  1. Guess we are not as hardy as our Victorian ancestors. What a shame it is not used.

  2. That’s a nice old sign!

  3. That is certainly a handsome sign. Too bad the pool and structure is not being used.

  4. I think this can be use again if the owner will upgrade what the city will required them to do. For me I like to go in here than go to a new swimming pool. I bet inside is very pretty. Happy Thursday!

  5. aww, to bad about the development , but that’s a classic sign!


  6. Abandoned building are sad, especially those that were once dedicated to fun activities like swimming. Nice sign find, though.

  7. Will the new recreation complex last as long?

  8. i like this classic sign…reminds me of a 50’s movie.:p

  9. I like this old sign and the story behind it, Lesley.

  10. Unusual to find an abandoned building as lovely as this! An interesting old sign style!

  11. I wonder if we bloggers are a bunch of “retrogrades”…:-D All of us love these old signs, old buildings… we’re surely conservationists. I mean, we never see anyone say, “get rid of the old thing!” do we? 😀

  12. this is really a great sign.

  13. If I could not read the words I would have thought this a theater. Nice addition to your meme. I am enjoying this very much and look forward to each week.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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