By: Lesley

Feb 20 2011

Category: Orillia


Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

A small bridge over a water feature in the Hotel Rama leads to one of 11 restaurants at the casino complex in Orillia.

Participating in Sunday Bridges

9 comments on “Weirs”

  1. I’m disappointed, Lesley – there’s NO snow. :))

  2. indoor bridges are wonderful additions…people always gravitate towards them, especially to pose for photos.p

  3. Terrific little bridge.

  4. Nice wee bridge!

  5. That is cute. I wonder if this little stream runs only around this restaurant, or throughout the hotel?

  6. Very nice. I’ve just looked the casino up (no I’m not a fan of gambling) but I wanted to know if it was Native. Looks like there is some wonderful artwork on the outside.

  7. Interesting wires on that little indoor bridge. Wonder if that was just decorative.

  8. le petit pont de bois, cela donne envie de chanter

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