By: Lesley

Feb 18 2011

Category: Ottawa


Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Built in a post modernist style that is rather forbidding, the US Embassy was voted the “biggest eyesore in Ottawa” after it was finally opened in 1999. This view of the imposing structure shows a reflection of some trees from the boulevard opposite. (and was obviously taken before the snows of winter arrived!)

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14 comments on “eyesore”

  1. I like the reflections-and must agree, pretty drab looking building. You’ve made it look nice however.

  2. It may be an eyesore, but it does provide some nice reflections! you captured them well… thanks!

  3. Jolie prise, mais il est bien austère, ce bâtiment.

  4. Terrific reflections, Lesley, the building, however, is one DRAB looking place! But, hey, it served it’s purpose for you today in a great way! Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!


  5. It’s kind of ugly, but you got some great reflections.

  6. I have to agree, that is one ugly and imposing building, but it does make a nice reflection.

  7. What were “they” (the architects) thinking?? It looks like a fort, built to ward off bombs, etc. It gives a wrong impression of the US (in my humble opinion).

  8. It is certainly a great reflection.

  9. I saw the movie with Marlon Brando… The Ugly American.

  10. Modern buildings are perfect for chasing reflections… Nice catch on this one !

  11. As a US citizen I have to say “Blech” to this architecture!
    But I have to say “cool” for your view of it & the reflection!

  12. I wonder who selected the architect for this mess… We have a worse eyesore in our city that is “in your face” ugly, disliked by all, and not at all in line with the feel of the city… At least yours makes a lovely reflection and it was built by the “foreigners” to your south!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. […] Yellow tulips add some colour to the American Embassy in Ottawa. The embassy is not the most beloved of buildings in Ottawa. The glass and steel fortress looking building was built in 1999. There is no setback from the Parliament Hill side of the building, so these little flowers were actually a pleasant surprise. There is another view here. […]

  14. […] American embassy from atop the Peace Tower in the Parliament Buildings. Other views can be found here and […]

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