By: Lesley

Feb 17 2011

Category: Brantford, SIGNS


Focal Length:16.9mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This crest adorns the former Imperial Bank of Canada Building on Dalhousie St in Brantford, built in 1906. In 1961, there was a merger with the Bank of Commerce to become the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

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11 comments on “crest”

  1. Hi Lesley, you capture this beautifully. Like it!


  2. pretty neat. you have given an idea what to hunt for next. enjoy the evening.

  3. crests always get my attention. great find.

  4. I’m so glad these more regal yet not-in-your-face signs are not destroyed.

  5. Cool shot! Around here banks are bought, sold and/or merged so often keeping up with their current names is difficult.

  6. That’s a beautiful intricate medallion of a sign — brings back memories of the way banking institutions used to be when I was a little girl.

  7. This is a great emblem and wonderful photo!!!

  8. Great sign. The lion’s tongue reminds me of the Maoris.

  9. This bank must be good to last so long.

  10. Its interesting to see the old name of banks still on their buildings. What a great crest with its imperial crown.

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