Heritage Bridge Walkway

By: Lesley

Feb 13 2011

Category: Durham


Focal Length:7.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Looking into the archives to escape winter, we are returning to the old wooden CPR bridge in Durham that was first posted here, for another view. It has been preserved as an Historic Walkway for the enjoyment of all who traverse on foot. The walkway takes you from George St into the Saugeen Conservation Park and continues along the Saugeen River.

Participating in Sunday Bridges

8 comments on “Heritage Bridge Walkway”

  1. Seeing the two different photos for comparison, I prefer this greener version of the bridge. A moment of calm, a moment of forest and flowing stream and reverie.

  2. You were right, it was my daughter driving. She said, Mum, I am going real slow for you.

    I like your bridge, I can imagine the water being very cold, just like Detroit River. I was telling someone, I remember the cold of Canada than anything else.

  3. Another bridge I’d like to cross one day! Nice shot, Lesley! [What time do you post the Linky for your signs meme?]

    • The link for signs, signs, should be up by 3pm on Wednesdays.

      • Hehe… that’s 4 am my time… in your future. So it’s a Thursday meme for me. Sometimes I wish I had more than one blog, but I don’t know how others handle that – I’m already overloaded with one! We’ll see how I can fit it in… but I do have some fun signs in my archives. 😀

  4. That’s a very cool bridge. Lovely spot.

  5. It’s great it’s still in such good shape!

  6. Looks like a neat place to take a walk! I don’t like those bridges that sway when you walk on them!

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