Post Office

By: Lesley

Feb 11 2011

Category: Brantford


Focal Length:6.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Walk along any main street in a small town Ontario and a clock tower on a building such as this will likely be the Post Office. This Beaux Arts building that sits on a prominent corner in downtown Brantford was built in 1913.

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7 comments on “Post Office”

  1. It looks as if you have the same moody, gray, grumpy skies that we have here in Seattle — well, except for today and they are returning tomorrow. Terrific capture, the clouds do make a wonderful backdrop for the Post Office! Hope you have a great weekend, Lesley!


  2. Impressive building. I love old buildings like this.

  3. Interesting architecture in this, but then you show us a lot of interesting buildings.

  4. great angle shot. i’ve seen a similar building in Fort Worth, Texas.

  5. Much more impressive that the typical post office in my part of the world. Nice shot!

  6. The post office building is from a day when mail was a major form of communication. In 1913 it would not have been known as Canada Post. It would have been The Royal Mail.

  7. Very impressive structure. Thanks for sharing!
    Sky Watch Friday

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