Ottawa Street

By: Lesley

Feb 10 2011

Category: Hamilton, SIGNS


Focal Length:9.1mm
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If you are interested in home decor and sewing, then Ottawa Street South is the place to go when in Hamilton. It is a street in transition with newer antique shops moving in as a perfect complement to the fabric outlets that have been on the street for decades.

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11 comments on “Ottawa Street”

  1. I thought my wife had taken me to every craft and sewing shop in Ontario. Looks like she missed one:)

  2. I learned something!

  3. I like these signs. I try to capture as many as I could in new places I go to.

  4. A very tactile sign. A street of fabric shops, wow, sewing heaven.

  5. These banners seem to be popping up a lot!

  6. Melting this yellow into the blue above might return green – colour of hope. A wonderful find indeed. Thank you for sharing. Please have a wonderful Thursday.

    daily athens

  7. this is a beautifully composed photo. antique shops and fabric outlets—a very interesting place to visit.

  8. This is the place I love to shop. ^_^

  9. Wonderful crafty sign adding style to the streetscape!

  10. I haven’t been to Hamilton in years – maybe time for a visit.

  11. I would feel welcome there 🙂

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