By: Lesley

Jan 20 2011

Category: SIGNS, Toronto


Focal Length:5.3mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

It was a snowy day when I visited Peek Freans last week. This factory has an outlet store where you can buy bulk (usually broken, but very fresh) biscuits at cheap prices. It has been in operation on Bermondsey Rd (named after the city of the biscuit’s origin in England) in East York since 1949 when it became their first Canadian bakery.  A biscuit to go with your tea or hot chocolate, anyone?

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10 comments on “biscuits”

  1. How wonderful a find. Probably unthinkable over here, as I assume none would buy. Thank you for this nice escape ! Please have a good Thursday.

    daily athens

  2. Great shot! I didn’t know there was a cookie outlet! Will have to head out there.

  3. Sounds delicious! Definitely something hot to drink on a day with blowing snow!

  4. I grew up near here – the wonderful smells on a soft summer breeze…

  5. I love biscuits they go well with anything hot.

  6. when i read fresh biscuits, i have a sudden craving for some.:p
    this looks like a landmark in this area.

    Signs, Signs

  7. Dad’s Cookies has another outlet on Progress Ave., in Scarborough. I’m sure they are affiliated with Peek Freans. Also across the road and slightly west you will find the Patty King outlet.

    • mmmm, patties! must keep that in mind if I’m ever over that far into Scarborough.
      and I’m confused about the PF, Christie’s and Kraft affiliation, but you can get Dad’s sometimes at this outlet. It’s all hit and miss as to what is available.

  8. How cool! I didn’t know Peak Freens had a factory in East York.

  9. […] the street from Peek Freans, of last week’s sign, one can escape the snow and enjoy a game of 5-pin bowling. This is a Canadian tradition in spite […]

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