Lorne Bridge

By: Lesley

Jan 16 2011

Category: Brantford, bridges


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The plaque on the reconstructed Lorne Bridge in Brantford which was named after the Marquis of Lorne, the Governor General of Canada from 1878-1883, who officially opened the original bridge in 1879. It was a popular idea, at one time, to proudly list the names of the current mayor and all the aldermen on any bridge plaques.

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11 comments on “Lorne Bridge”

  1. Tee hee. We have a bridge in East Gwillimbury that lists the names of the mayor and his council. But I think EG may be a bit backward. 🙂

  2. putting plaques on bridges and public buildings is a good idea. when i was in high school, most of the public buildings in our town had the name of the mayor and his council painted on the wall.:p i don’t see much of that anymore nowadays.

  3. hee hee… Yes, those plaques were little monuments to the egos of the mayors and councils at the time. No doubt a ceremony was held and boring speeches given, followed by polite but insincere clapping…

    («Louis» apologizes. He’s very cynical about politicians…)


    Be that as it may, this is a welcome contribution to Sunday Bridges.

  4. Nice to see that a record still exist. I wonder what the original bridge looked like.

  5. I actually like that idea. Gives a sense of history.

  6. I like being able to view the plaque on a bridge. Usually I am driving ahead and cannot stop to see it. I think it would really be nice if the powers that be just one time would dedicate one to a simple person who has done much for the area instead so often to deceased political figures.A. nice shot

  7. Auckland has a Lorne Street. May be it is named after your Governor General

  8. I love plaques on bridges/buildings. Somehow they make these structures look important.

  9. We stilll see dedication plaques like that on bridges and other public installations (many much newer). Their 5 minutes of lasting fame I guess. It’s a lovely bridge!

  10. I meant to say a lovely view from the bridge. Hit send before I prooread.

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