bridging the condos

By: Lesley

Jan 09 2011

Category: Toronto


Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Toronto is booming with new condo buildings. This one at Spadina Avenue even has its own bridges between the two towers.

Participating in Sunday Bridges

9 comments on “bridging the condos”

  1. the bridges between buildings are a great idea. makes visiting the neighbors easier.:p

  2. when we went to live in Singapore, I had a choice NOT to live in these tall buildings. I chose the low rise, 4 stories.

    I was worried about power failure and you will be trapped in the elevators or just in the house, which I know happen.

    The new ones , start to have bridges like your photo.

    I must ask Jama about here.

  3. Wow amazing idea, you are very creative!

  4. Wow…these are 2 tall buildings. I guess as you run out of space dorm low you have tp gp UP! 50 years ago I saw my first of these walking bridges between 2 buildings in Atlanta, GA. At that time such a bridge was a totally new concept, and everyone was shocked and awed by it. Now they seem to be commonplace. Your capture of the two buildings with their footbridges joining them is great. They are definitely massive structures. I really enjoyed studying them.

  5. I wonder why they did this…? Does anyone ever visit – or even know – their neighbours anymore? Creative addition to Sunday Bridges, Lesley.

  6. Actually, what you can’t see in this view, is that the building is U shaped, with another hallway at the far end. I imagine this is a creative shortcut to get to the street side of the building (the right side), or for deliveries?

  7. Clever interpretation of the them, Lesley!
    To answer your question about whether or not the river cascades can be seen from The Bookmill – yes, from large windows, it is practically right there, as the building is built right on the edge of the river. I have posted many photos of the Bookmill. One day I will compile a post about that corner; both inside and out.

    Thanks for your comments!


  8. Aah, I forgot about those bridges… The top floor apartments would have amazing views surrounded by glass…

  9. hee hee…
    Three bridges in one shot – a “hat trick”!

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