Webster’s Falls

By: Lesley

Dec 15 2010

Category: Dundas, waterfalls


Focal Length:4.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Webster’s Falls is an 80′,  or 24 metre.  cascade falls that is  a short distance from last week’s post [Tews Falls]. Both falls flow into the Spencer Gorge and are easily accessible. There is a picturesque park for picnics and hiking trails between the two waterfalls.

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17 comments on “Webster’s Falls”

  1. so pretty. i spied a bridge in the distance, is that a pedestrian bridge?

  2. What a beautiful sight.

  3. wow, it’s gorgeous! and there’s a little arch bridge upstream–how beautiful!

  4. Lesley that is a beautiful photo! I’ve completed my Google map of Ontario Water Falls. You can find it here


    If you would like to program you GPS the file is located here http://www.poifriend.com/poigroup.php?poigroup_id=30910

    Who needs Niagara Falls when we have such delightful and exciting ones like Webster’s Falls.

  5. Wow, it’s beautiful! Great shot.

  6. Oh my gosh, this is nothing more than STUNNING!!!!

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  7. Beautiful! You make me want to make a trip to Southern Ontario.

    • Good, I’m glad if I can entice more visitors. This was taken in early November – in light of the snow storms at the moment (though not right here) you may want to hold off for a bit!

  8. Very nice captures & I love that sky! =)

  9. What a lovely spot and a beautiful picture. There are so many pretty places in Ontario, that are “hidden”. We are about an hour and a half from Dundas, and have never been there.

  10. You are right, Lesley! This is another wonderful waterfall!! We have a map of the area, and I am hoping to get there tomorrow afternoon!

  11. Lovely, it looks like a place for a great day of picnicing and hiking.

  12. That’s a beautiful spot for photography!

  13. […] wintry view of the cobblestone bridge over Spencer’s Creek above Webster’s Falls [as seen in this post]. It was built in 1933 when the area around the falls was landscaped and made into a […]

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