By: Lesley

Dec 04 2010

Category: Brantford


Focal Length:4.9mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The  south side of Colborne St in Brantford, with over 100 pre-Confederation buildings (i.e. before 1867), became derelict and abandonned while the city squabbled over its fate. It was finally demolished this summer, but not before bitterly dividing the residents and angering historical preservationists throughout the country. This gritty back end view is not necessarily pretty and not all the buildings were beautiful or worthy of saving, but many believe that a far better action of preservation could have been been taken. At the very least, a plan for development could have been in place. Now it is too late. Now it is an empty lot.

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8 comments on “lost”

  1. Seems kind of a shame that the area couldn’t have been clean up and preserved.

  2. before 1867, so sad it will be demolished,.

  3. There’s an area in North Pickering known as the airport lands. The Federal Government owns the land and all housing there. It’s a very large expanse of land. They are in the process of evicting renters from the homes. If you go to my web page Eye Candy and do a search on “airport” you will see some beautiful homes ready for destruction. Lesley, thanks for the great photo and history lesson.

  4. Good you have it in a photo. Like the reflection on the glass window.

  5. I love old buildings and historic places. It’s a real shame that they keep getting torn down. Thankfully we have photos like this.

  6. Thanks for preserving the view! I get upset when I see any old building torn down. Nice reflection!

  7. OOOH, I am sorry to see it demolished. I think it’s got loads of character! Oh well, let’s hope they do something nice with this space.

  8. […] stretch of pre-Confederate buildings in Ontario. This is the side of the street that was not demolished in 2010. (And yes, I see that the date on that white building, the Masonic Hall, says […]

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