By: Lesley

Nov 30 2010

Category: Stratford


Focal Length:4.6mm
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This restaurant, situated on King St in Stratford, has the dubious honour of gaining the worst reviews from all the online restaurant review sites. Yet, it does have a cool 1950s look with original decor inside and seems to attract the odd unsuspecting tourist in spite of the hundreds of far better restaurants in town. It  kind of makes me want to wander inside, to see for myself how bad it can be to eat there!

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23 comments on “Ellam’s”

  1. I’ve know places like that and always wondered what it was that drew people there! Interesting! Great shot for the day! Hope you have a good week!


  2. That’s funny Lesley! We do try to do some Internet research before going out to dinner if we’re staying for a while in a new place — on the other hand, we like to try local restaurants rather than the chains and I can imagine wandering into this one because it is pretty cool looking. (I’d stay away from it if I were you though ;>)

    • I refuse to eat at a chain when I am out of town. I rarely do the internet search beforehand though, unless something really takes my fancy when I see it then I check it out when I get home for the next visit.

  3. Hi Lesley, Nice of you to include the “worst!” It made me smile – kind of reverse publicity!

  4. cool take on the theme

  5. YES, go in, Lesley! Then tell us all about it. :))

  6. Hi Lesley, I bet they also serve an old fashioned food, to complement their theme and decor.

  7. My personal review for your photo is just the opposite of the ones for the restaurant.

  8. Well Lesley, I hope to see soon how it is inside in one of your next posts! I am always getting curious when somebody says this is the worst thing( whatever) there is!!
    Thanks for your visit.

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog. Lovely photo. I would go in for an ice cream cone. Stay away from the coffee.

  10. very nice place and photo

  11. Thanks for the warning!

  12. Mmm, did I post my response? Thanks for the warning – maybe not for me then 🙂

  13. Actually, it’s on Ontario Street. King Street is residential.

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