painted bridge

By: Lesley

Nov 21 2010

Category: bridges, Port Credit


Focal Length:6.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

The Lakeshore Road bridge over the Credit River has murals painted by a local artist. In this view, the salmon are swimming upstream (and the ducks, downstream!) You can also see the low water level.

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19 comments on “painted bridge”

  1. Hi Lesley,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.
    It’s a good idea that a local artist contributes to the society and the painting is well-done. I also like “painted” autumn leaves. Beautiful colors. Thanks for sharing.

  2. pretty fall colors there

    happy sunday

  3. love your photo. the autumn colors are beautiful. the murals are eye-catching. i wonder how the artist painted the salmon–he/she was probably on a boat.:p

  4. Are there salmons in the river?

  5. Nice painting:)
    Happy Sunday to you!

  6. I’m so for wall murals. This one is great.

  7. I suppose the river was chock full of natural fish at one time.

  8. Nice photo! The art work under the bridge is much better than the graffiti that most bridges have. In Pickering and Ajax the salmon have finished their run up Duffins Creek. At the present time it’s the turn of the trout to do their run.

  9. that´s some big fish in the river. 🙂

  10. Wow! I’ve never seen a salmon swimming upriver before! 🙂

    Nice shot of the bridge and the ducks.

  11. How interesting that the water level is low. I was just noticing yesterday that the water is HIGH in Lakes Couchiching and Simcoe.

    I do like those paintings on the bridge.

  12. it is always lovely to see a very clear bridge especially when it is painted..

  13. Tags+street art+bridges

  14. Lesley….I love you shot, especially with the salmon artwork. It is lovely. The blue bridge and the fish together are just too pretty. HSB to you. Genie in Virginia

  15. I like the murals. Great idea.

  16. hmmm…
    Something fishy going on here…

    Re the ‘s’ curve – It is an expensive temporary fix.

    Here’s the story – The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is actually two bridges. The cantilever section spans from Oakland to Yerba Buena Island. The suspension section spans from Yerba Buena Island to San Francisco. Adjoining the natural Yerba Buena Island is the man-made Treasure Island. Treasure Island was built for the 1939 World’s Fair, then served as the base for the famous Pan American China Clippers until the outbreak of World War II. The Navy then took over TI. Admiral Nimitz and his wife Catherine lived on TI for a time both during and after the war. (Catherine was there during the war; the Admiral was rarely there except on leave…)

    The Republican Congress that was swept into power in the 1994 election decided they had had enough of the Bay Area’s notorious far left war protesters and their endless vigils and rabble-rousing at the gates of the Bay Area’s many military installations. This Congress, in effect, said to the Bay Area, “You don’t like the military? Fine! We’ll take the military away.” Virtually every military installation from all branches of the service were shut in the nine Bay Area counties. Of course, all hell broke loose because of what that did to the economy, but the Congress stuck to its guns and didn’t reopen any of the bases. Included in the shutdown was Treasure Island. The Navy sold TI to the city of San Francisco.

    Now, rewind the clock back to 1989. In October of 1989, the Bay Area was hit with the largest earthquake since 1906. Part of the cantilever section of the Bay Bridge broke and plunged into the Bay, taking some cars with it. (The quake happened during rush hour.)
    Naturally, it was quickly determined that the cantilever section should be replaced. The suspension section was deemed structurally sound and was undamaged in the quake.

    Right away, the Watermelon Marxists (green on the outside, red on in inside), of whom there are so many here in the Bay Area set up a howl that the bridge should just be closed instead of replaced. These are the same geniuses who got the bases closed in 1995. They think that if it becomes difficult enough to drive, the public will use mass transit. So they tied up the construction of the new bridge for years with litigation. (California has more lawyers per capita than any state and most of them are extreme leftists, so it was easy for the Watermelon Marxists to find attorneys willing to try to stop the construction of the new bridge section.)

    Then the two Browns got into the act. Willie Brown was mayor of San Francisco and Jerry Brown was mayor of Oakland. When Willie Brown was president of the State Senate in Sacramento, he was a real power broker. A Democrat, Brown in his position got to assign office spaces to the State Senators. Republicans were routinely given broom closets and elevator equipment rooms as their assigned office space, forcing them to rent office space in buildings outside the State capitol building. As mayor of SF, he was joined at the hip to developers wanting to redevelop Treasure Island. This group wanted the new section of the bridge to end on TI rather than link to the suspension section through the existing tunnel on Yerba Buena Island. This gambit would route traffic from the East Bay to the shopping mall they have planned for TI.

    In the meantime, Jerry Brown in Oakland was linked to developers who wanted the new section to continue to Yerba Buena Island. This routing would benefit them in a development they had planned at the former Oakland Army Base, another of the facilities shut by the GOP Congress in 1995.

    So all of this delayed the bridge even more.

    Here we are 21 years after the cantilever section broke in an earthquake and the replacement STILL isn’t finished and won’t be until 2014 at the earliest! And, it’s now a breathtaking $400,000,000 over budget!

    The ‘s’-curve was spliced in so that part of the old bridge could be dismantled while the new section that will land on TI is being finished. In its first 20 days, there were 44 car accidents on the ‘s’-curve, two of them had fatalities. In one case, an 18 wheeler went through the guard rail and plunged into the Bay.

    California is a very, very broken state. The unions (ESPECIALLY the SEIU) and special interests have driven it not into the ditch, but off the cliff. More and more, this state resembles a third world country…

  17. Its a colorful bridge, and the painted fish! The fall foliage backdrop is so pretty!

  18. […] by Walter Ruston and Elva Hook in part to combat graffiti. Another view of this bridge can be seen here. › LikeBe the first to like this […]

  19. […] section of the mural on the Lakeshore Rd bridge in Port Credit. Other views can be seen here and here. This public art was attempted to defer the graffiti that kept appearing under the bridge. […]

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