Humber River

By: Lesley

Nov 10 2010

Category: Toronto


Focal Length:13.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This house has an exceptional outlook over the Humber River and Etienne Brule Park in west end Toronto. This past summer there was even a standing stones installation in the river. Artist Peter Reidel quietly creates this balancing act somewhere in the city every year and thousands come by to admire them before they eventually succumb to nature and fall back into the riverbed.

Participating in Watery Wednesday


11 comments on “Humber River”

  1. Interesting installation.

  2. very interesting art. i’ve seen similar creations in San Francisco. great shot.

  3. that is definitely unique sighting.

  4. How interesting! They’re really cool looking. Fun shot!

  5. If I am a boatie, I will fid it very hard to navigiate in the river without damaging the artwork.

    • You wouldn’t be in a boat at this section… it is far too shallow. if you stood in the water, it would barely come up to your knees.

  6. So creative! Lovely spot!

  7. That house is exceptional, yes, and that you have included so much of foreground to it is fabulous!

  8. Someone makes similar constructions in the Ottawa River, and I have wondered what happens to them in the winter. Now I know. It is still hard to think of art as being so ephemeral…

  9. What a great house, with a view like that. And fun river art!
    You captured it so well!

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