cat walk

By: Lesley

Oct 17 2010

Category: Durham


Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

A walk through the Riverside Park in Durham,  the still waters on one side and the waterfalls of the reservoir  on the other of this long pedestrian bridge, known locally as the cat walk

Participating in Sunday Bridges

15 comments on “cat walk”

  1. a terrific bridge to cross no doubt…the water on both sides is interesting.

  2. Very interesting and cool photo.

  3. A great capture of the bridge… beautiful.. And the water and the park.. looks very beautiful, too.. =)

    Anyway, here’s mine for Scenic Sunday.. please check it out and drop a comment. Thanks a bunch.. =)

  4. wonderful to walk and look at the waterfalls.

  5. Looks like a pleasant place for a walk. Nice perspective on your footbridge with the different waters on each side.

  6. The reflection in the calm water is gorgeous, as is the flow of water on the other side! Must be a lovely bridge to cross 😀

    Happy Sunday!

  7. What a stark contrast to my bridge today! I would much rather take a walk on yours though!

  8. Must be lovely park:)
    I love the still water with reflections.

  9. Cool bridge, I’d like to spend some time there. Something about moving water that captures my attention.

  10. Nope….the fraternities are scattered all over our little historical town of Lexington. George Washington gave tons of money to what was then known as Liberty Hall Academy, and Robert E. Lee was president of it after the Civil War. Liberty Hall Academy became Washington and Lee University.

    This is REALLY a narrow bridge. I just love Sunday Bridges. All the post are sosososo neat.

  11. Good one! Big or small, we welcome them all at Sunday Bridges!

  12. Well constructed and positioned bridge. you can see two sides of viewing! Love the tree reflection in that little corner.

  13. Pretty shadow of the sun.

  14. This is gorgeous!

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