2 swans a swimming

By: Lesley

Oct 06 2010

Category: Port Credit


Focal Length:5.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

By a gazebo along the waterfront trail in Port Credit two swans glide through the shallow waters.

Participating in Watery Wednesday

10 comments on “2 swans a swimming”

  1. I love the way the two wakes intersect! And the way the horizon of the water is so far away, as though the entire world is water…

  2. Lovely photo, not just the gazebo and swans but also the lovely blues in the sky and water.

  3. The water is so blue. Lovely capture.

  4. falalalalalala! that gazebo is pretty.

  5. to bad you did not have more wter to the right. Then the photo would be perfect.

    I like the way the water ripples behind the birds compared to teh small building.

  6. Your title made me smile. Beautiful composition!

  7. I totally love this shot. It looks soooo peaceful. Super!

  8. Beautiful composition!

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