By: Lesley

Oct 04 2010

Category: Fergus


Focal Length:5.2mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This old stone house in Fergus is for rent. I was taken with the simplicity of it and the different heights of the stone blocks. Then I looked more closely after uploading the photos and wondered if two different masons worked on each side as the one by the bright yellow fire hydrant has a different pattern than the left side (facing).

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7 comments on “stoned”

  1. Great shot! The color of the fire hydrant stands out.

  2. the yellow fire hydrant is a nice touch to this place!

    Mellow Yellow

  3. they made interesting patterns! and yes, yellow stood out here

  4. I am fantasizing that this is the mason’s own home and he was advertising his ability to do a variety of patterns…..
    Thanks for tickling my fancy!

  5. THAT is bizarre, Lesley! And I bet that strange little structure would still cost a pretty penny… to rent OR to buy!

  6. Be interesting to find out

  7. I love the colour of the hydrant!
    I can’t imagine anything more difficult than being a stonemason, unless it’s being a stonemason building a dry stone wall. I’ve NEVER been able to figure out how they do that.

    Kay, Alberta

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