the outhouse

By: Lesley

Aug 23 2010

Category: Sauble Beach


Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This outhouse at the back of the Log Cabin Antique shop was put to good use. Indoor plumbing is now available in all buildings in Sauble Beach, but extra storage is still sometimes necessary.

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2 comments on “the outhouse”

  1. I am glad the outhouse is still being used, I am also pleased you now have indoor plumbing in all the buildings, can you imagine how cold it was in the winer?

  2. Hey, Lesley, that’s a pretty sophisticated outhouse, even if it’s made if chip board (and only used for storage)!

    [About Tirana – oh my, “revitalization” may be a stretch. I called it “Pushy Pastels” or the “Disunited Colors of Tirana”! I’ll have to do a post on this soon. 😀 ]

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