cuisinarts of the air

By: Lesley

Jul 18 2010

Category: Kingston


Focal Length:32.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Some of the 86 windmills on Wolfe Island in the St Lawrence River.

They aren’t really all that scenic. And they have killed 1,962 birds, raptors and bats in its first eight months of operation.

Participating in Scenic Sunday

7 comments on “cuisinarts of the air”

  1. We have lots of windmills on Lolland, and there are plans for many new! I’m not a big fan, find several of the chosen places totally wrong!

    • There is always controversy wherever plans to build more are made. Apparently, the wind here is so intermittent the maximum output of power is also never met.

      And the noise!

  2. Gosh I never thought about how windmills could kill animals! I guess they must just fly straight into them – thanks for that little bit of education!

  3. Beautiful scene!

  4. Love the silvery tones of this – amazing how many birds perish because of these!

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