old city hall

By: Lesley

Jul 16 2010

Category: Ottawa


Focal Length:16.9mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Stormy skies surround these glass turreted skylights of 111 Sussex Dr. This building served as the city hall in Ottawa for several years but now houses mostly Foreign Affairs. This shows part of a controversial redesign by Moshe Safdie undertaken in the early 1990s.

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14 comments on “old city hall”

  1. Even the sky is a metallic grey. I like the angles in the picture.

  2. Great shot, I love all the angles and glass. I like that building, very intriguing.

  3. Interesting! The pointed roofs seem to be saying, “Check out those skies, would ya!”

  4. Nice shot! Moshe Safdie designed the Habitat 67 buildings here in Montreal and they’re very interesting as well…

  5. Lots of fun angles and lines in that photo, just perfect for Sky Watch Friday.

  6. Great contrast of gray sky and buildings!

  7. We are in the same stormy humid pattern of ghastly summer weather which as a good northerner I just don’t like!
    Beautiful photo of the City Hall!

  8. Very interesting architecture. – Margy

  9. Simply amazing shots!

  10. Great Skywatch. I always picture Ottawa as filled with historic buildings, so it’s nice to see this side of the city.

    • Interestingly, a lot of the newer buildings have the same roof lines that resemble the Parliament Buildings. Makes for a nice tie in with the old and modern.

  11. Interesting and lovely architecture, i can see some reflections too.

  12. I like the glass spires, but I can’t help but wonder – doesn’t it ever hail there?

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